Yes, still lugging around the 5x7 Sinar P2, though I'm using a 150 f5.6 more now instead of my 300 f 5.6. Makes a big difference in terms of the weight of the system.
And Bruce, I think I could at least pass a pop quiz on the last 75,000 posts. There are limits as to how much APUG could change.
I'm shooting a lot of 320 tri-x and delta 3200 in 6X4.5, since I can't find a 35mm B&W film that I like as much as either of those. Delta 3200 rated at 800 in 645, instead of 35mm Tri-x at 200 means that my 80mm f2 lens for my Contax 645 is the equivalent of a Noctilux, but easier to focus