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I want to meet the guy who backpacks a 12x20 with six holders and lenses. But not in a dark alley.
Robert, come on now. I just found a backpack for the 8x20. Takes all of my stuff and I can get only 2 holders in. I'm only 5"6" and 135lbs. and I'll still put some miles on with that camera on my back. Haven't done it yet but when I was in Yosemite the end of last month I saw some great 8x20 compositions but I couldn't get the camera through the snow. By the way at 57 I can still haul 40 lbs on gear on my back. Got to stay in shape. The 8x20 pack by the way is 31lbs. actually a little lighter than my 8x10 set up. I forgot that I have 3 11x14 holders for the 11x14 I'm building.... need to find a way to haul this one too. Way to many backpacks!!