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I just want to know if ESPN broadcasts these tournaments where they use "Tournament Class" tripods. I'm imagining a contest where competitors put heavier and heavier cameras on their tripods to advance from one round to the next, and whichever tripod holds the most weight wins. Or maybe it's a kind of biathalon with the competitors carrying Deardorffs and tripods on skis.

"Tournament Class" refers to the quality of the carbon fiber material used in the leg tubes of this product. There are different grades, or quality levels, of carbon fiber materials. The higher grades are more expensive to produce and are, therefore, often reserved for use in products used in serious athletic competition where every ounce and every second are critical. Such high grade carbon fiber materials are used in high end tennis rackets, golf clubs, bicycle frames, race cars, kayaks, racing yachts, etc. Prior to getting into the tripod business Feisol was a supplier of carbon fiber tubes for use in other applications. Their "Tournament Class" was the first in their line to use the higher grade (stronger AND lighter) carbon fiber tubes. Hence the product name.

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