...and buying an M2. I kinda hate myself for it. I told myself I'd never let the Leica bug bite me so bad as to want to sell everything I had for one, but yeah...it's happened. The Canon 35/2.8 lens I just got screams for a nice body, and with an LTM to M adapter the M2 would be a perfect fit. I would also finally have my M body that I've been wanting for so long. Both my Kiev and the Nikon FE would go bye bye in an attempt to fund this fool's errand.

I can't even really tell you WHY I want one other than I've wanted one since the day I saw them, and holding an M4 in a camera shop really didn't help things. They just feel so solid. It's like a perfect fit in my hands.

I think I'm going to succumb to this madness. Others have gone before me, at least. Makes me feel a little better.