Well. I suppose you misunderstood me quite a bit. I would like to order from sheetfilm.be. Exactly the same price as efke100 from fotoimpex but a shopping cart system that is easier to use. But if I need to test the film and don't know what I will get, it is better to stick with efke, isn't it?


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Believe it or not, there is a political dimension to the obscure art of film production, coating and marketing.

Frankly I don't give a monkey's toss where the film is produced, EU or not. No offence, but it's as nauseating as hearing whether Leica lenses are produced in Canada or Germany; Rollei lenses in Singapore or Japan or Germany; Carl Zeiss lenses in Germany AE version or Japanese MM versions,; whether Polaroid Type 55 is really Panatomic X from 50 years ago; whether... in this age of globalisation... AArgh. I'm going to have a wobbly. Sorry.

As Sandeha says, it's gorgeous in Rodinal. The emulsion is traditional; high quality tonal rendition and ultra-fine grain (NP15). If Geert can get it in whole plate format for export for enthusiasts, then why not support Wephota? It's not like it's some large Japanese digital corporation like Nokia behind it.