I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile to include the EI with your times and curves in the article at -

Also, I think it would be helpful to add the times into the general film development times that are kept there if that is possible:

Last night, for example, was the first time I developed Efke 100 in pyrocat-hd. I found a time of 16.5 minutes at 21degreesC with 30 sec then 5 sec at halfway by searching on google. That worked, but I had exposed at EI100, and it is obvious that I need to try EI50 as the negs came out underexposed but developed OK (120 rollfilm).

For minimal agitation, it might be nice to list times too, or at least indicate a percentage to increase.

If you need someone to edit the html or compile the times I would be happy to assist :-)

Of course, I understand that everyone should test, but given that pyrocat-hd is becoming a very popular developer it might help a lot of new users get started.