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Be careful about Rollex: a friend just got a 9x12 Rollex film back that turned out to be for 116 roll-film, long-obsolete here in the US.

The Kodak Recomar 33 is the most common "US" 9x12 (although it was actually made by Nagel Camera Werk, which was purchased by Kodak in the '30s) - Recomar film holders will also fit the Zeiss cameras.

My Donata came with three plate-holders; I need to find either film-septums / sheaths to use sheet film in the plate-holder, or actual sheet-film holders.
116 was yet another of Kodak's film formats that never really took off, a bit like 828 (resurrected as 126), 110, the Disc camera etc in more modern times. My guess is 116 Rollex backs are exceedingly rare.

The Recomar's are as far as I know the only US 9x12 cameras, of course other German cameras must have been imported but the Recomars were built just for the US, mainly with US made lenses and are the only 9x12's I've ever seen with a range-finder.

I'm back in the UK next weekend and will measure my 9x12 cameras, film holders and 120 backs, it might be useful if we shared some facts and figures because we may well buy holders etc and find they don't fit our cameras but they might fit other APUG members 9x12's.