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That's why you are going to help us set a little 9x12 sub-Forum
No; that's why we have our little "Plate Cameras and Accessories" sub-Forum.

The problems are exactly the same with 6,5x9cm cameras and holders, and the less common 10x15cm, not to mention the rare 4,5x6cm and 13x18cm plate cameras. Yes, there are 4,5x6cm plate cameras (I've got one) and 13x18cm cameras of the classic "folding box" type. All I know about the latter is that the Linhof Medizin came in this size, was a precursor of the Technikas, and that I have a plate holder for one. Since I also have a Linhof adapter for using 13x18cm plate holders in international backs (and another one for 10x15cm plate holders), I'm keeping the holder.