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Kent, apologies for the 'jack of your post.

pellicle, thanks for the heads-up and recommendations, but how about a name?
Mate, I wish I could be sure, but my 'business card stack' is at home in Australia, and I'm here in Finland. I'm sorta sure its Kimura kamera, but it might not be.

Its fairly easy to find as its on the same side of the main road as you. You might be quick to dismiss it from the outside as the main shop is upstairs. It looks just like all they sell is a some films and magazines, but stars are in the middle and upstairs are heaps of cases of stuff.

Looking that name up on google shows another location, so either
  • they've movede
  • they've got another shop
  • I've got the name wrong

sorry I can't be clearer :-\