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It is a very interesting developer, not only because it's cheap and indestrctible but also gives pictures a very "rodinal" feeling.
I agree with that, there is something like a 'Rodinal thing' in the image. Hard to tell why. It's a mix of grain and sharpness and, well, just, ... a nice image.

Why did nobody mention that Rodinal is not only cheap, but also rather good, not to say rather rather good, with - indeed - apx100 for example?

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I think is no silver bullet, Xtol is far more advanced and even the old D76 can give you better results but Rodinal is so damn convenient.
Just starting with X-tol, seems to be rather amazing stuff to me. Used D76 as well, a lot in fact. And others, including PMK-pyro. For me it is very hard to tell what is 'the best developer'. That depends on the image, the light, the image you want to produce (has in mind) etc. My suggestion: try several, stick with one or two and be happy (be they hyped or not).