Thanks one and all for the welcome!

Spent a good amount of yesterday in my darkroom, and finally came away with one print I liked. Basically I liked it because it turned out - sort of. Found out my safe light leaked, so did some printing, then developed totally in the dark. Good thing my darkroom is small...

But with totall darkness, I didn't get the paper centered in the easel, and the print that somewhat turned out was crooked.

Spent today fixing things that went bump yesterday, and expect to try again tonight.

All in all, had a remarkably fun day, and can't wait to get back.

Christopher, I'm slowly coming to grips with the creative side, but am still trying to figure out the basics before I play with filtration on the enlarger. For example, I still am trying to figure out how much distance there should be on my Beseler 45 between the light source and the neg carrier...

Thanks again for the welcome!