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I was at an auction a few years ago where the entire stock of a local camera shop were put on the block.I recognized a someone in the crowd who I consider the best photographer in town.I saddled up to her and after a bit of a chat mentioned that I was attending the auction in the faint hope of purchasing a Leica.She asked me why and made a most profound remark "It won't make you a better photographer.Sure your images may be sharper but it will not improve your technique.Work on the fundamentals".
It still makes a lot of sense to me today.
The thing about a really good camera is that you know it is capable of producing the greatest technical quality possible, the only limiting factor is therefore you the photographer. Im my case at least, this inspires me to greater effort. For me. there's nothing worse than taking a great shot on a mediocre camera and not being able to do anything with it due to lack of basic technical quality!