I think Rodinal has achieved an almost mythical status because it doesn't really do anything wrong. It's safe, versatile, and reliable in its extremely long shelf life.
I always spend my time trying to achieve results with anything from my audio equipment to my photographic efforts that are 'tolerable'. There might not be any real particular strength, but as long as it does nothing really wrong - it works for me. I think Rodinal works this way.
Grain and film speed someone might say, but so what? That's just part of the characteristic and isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Use it for a while and see for yourself. Rodinal seems to be the one developer I always come back to. Been experimenting with D76, FA-1027, Microdol-X, Microphen, ID-11, but I always come back to Rodinal. Somehow.
My next experiment will be Pyrocat HD, just to see if the contact printing becomes substantially better or not.

That's about 2cents worth.

- Thomas
Saint Paul, MN