Hello Steve, I will tell you what each photograph means to me so that you may compare it to your intentions.

photo 1: mankind as victim of its own contamination, although I would expect the person to be smeared with oil.

photo 2: Claudia's dumped lover.

As for the composition:

1) bullseye composition. cropping around the subject would add more "movement" to the image, as it is now the strong line of horizon takes you out of the image very fast. I would treat the landscape as background adding environment to the person.

2) I feel the vignetting is excessive. if the flowers are slightly tilted forward it would make more "movement" between the face and the flowers, these two points are very close to the center, if placed a bit away it would make a path to the eye to go from the face through the arm and hands to the flower.

Even though photograph 1 is very interesting, I think the photograph 2 is better. Good luck with the competition!