I went back today and gave the enlarger a better more informed look over. Everything seemed to move fine, though the up/down motion was a lttile stuff and could probably benifit from a little lubrication. Light worked, and the bellows looked well enough that if there are holes, thay would be easily fixable with an elmer's/acrylic mixture.

One point of possible concern though. I removed the condensor and gave it a look. Seems to be the 4x5 one by what I was told here, however there was a rather large chip missing from it along the edge on the lamphouse side of it. Would this cause any adverse effects? I looked through the condensor from the film side and wasn't able to see the chip from that direction. Would that indicate that it wouldn't effect anything? Also, ATM there are no lensboard/cones included, but the guy is going to look around in their storage for them and get back to me. Think I should I try to get them to come down on price a bit if they can't find any?