With the black and white it is shot on Kodak HIE infra red without using a filter which explains the blocked up rocks on such a gray day.there is no burning or dodging on this image but the neg is very dense and does some odd things in printing.

I have taken everyones advice on the colour image the vignette is too strong. it naturally occurs in the negative but i added upon it. i will re scan it without me working it.

The black and white image is totally composed obviously! hehehehe. However the colour image of Thaddeus was shot on the last morning we had together he was up out of bed before me and standing by the window. it was dull and gray outside, raining a little and he unwound a bunch of dried flowers from the window. (he used to dry them by hanging them from nails next to the window). i had my camera next to the bed. and there it was this is the first frame, un composed. there were only two other frames shot but he was conscious of my shooting then and all was lost. That was the last time my camera saw him.

P.S Claudia is his mother.

the feedback you have all been giving me is great thanks heaps.