Thanks alot for all the advice so far everyone. I guess I should have been a little bit clearer in what I mainly shoot. Broken down, I would probably be shooting 65% landscapes, 30% architectire and 5% percent people. I'm not immensly worried about having to throw whatever I get on a tripod, because that's alother slwing down step, which it what I'm after. Heck, whatever I go with will most likely live on a tripod.

I have given some thought to TLR's as a good way to wet my feet. I saw one in an antiques store here a couple of weeks ago, in what looked like perfect order for around $100 USD. Sadly, this was before I put any real thought into going into MF so I neglected to see what camera it actually was. I might go and have a more serious look tomorrow, because I just want to fix this itch and get shooting with film again. Any tips on what to look out for as far as TLR's go in general? Or are they mostly pretty bullet proof?

I would quite like to get something in a bigger format than 6x4.5 aswell. Although I'll have to save for a little bit longer to do this.

I will also get into developing B&W myself, as I've done it before working for a pro photographer for a couple of days through 'work expirence' at school. I'll also have to have a chat with him about this aswell. But in the meantime I shouldn't have any problem getting my initial photos processed. There are a couple of top notch camera stores close by.

Thanks alot for all the replies so far. Anything else anyone has to add will definatly be appreciated.