I also made through it just a few months ago.
Initially bought a Rolleicord Vb off Ebay - shot one roll and was amazed teh quality and the apperance. For the first time, seeing big slide wasa revelation for me, just like somebody opened a big window in the tight room where I cuold only lurk into a tiny key slit...
Well, soon after that I discovered a fungus in teh taking lens and thanks to honesty and integrity of my seller we worked out the return for full refund.

However I was hit already by MF and decided to dive more seriously into it with SLR. It took almost two moths of extensive online research, reviews, personal experiences, forums, etc.. to figure my choice - Bronica GS-1 which is 6x7.
I built a kind of list of Pros and Cons of three systems I considered (all 6x7: Mamiya RB/RZ, Bronica GS-1 and Pentax 67) and for my needs, Broncia won.
In fact, I wrote an article about my way through MF choosing and put it on my site. You're welcome to check, perhaps you find it useful to shape your mind for particular system.

Great thanks to our digital era that made our wishes true to afford a a fine MF gear and open up our horizons to a quality. Bronica GS-1 setup (a body, 120 back, AE rotary prism, standard 100mm/3.5 PG lens and Speed grip) has deepened my pocket by just a mere of 750 $ which is a joke if we would recall MF prices for such kind of setup (ro a comparable Mamiya for instance) just a few years ago....