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I'm looking for a new tripod. It needs to be able to handle my Graphic View or Canon SLR with 70-200 f2.8 lens. I'd also like something small and light enough to be strapped to the outside of a daypack for hiking. Oh, and I don't want to spend more than $200 for tripod and head. Any thoughts on a good choice? Price might be flexible since I'd have no problem looking for a used one.

I have a manfrotto 055B pro with three way head that I picked up for about $200 (it's got a bogen branded equivalent in some other countries). It's excellent with my shenhao & anything I've thrown at it on the DSLR end of the spectrum, and will even support my old wooden conley 8x10 with 6000 lb turner reich triple convertible (albeit JUST BARELY - I'm going to eventually get a more sturdy one for the 8x10 as it's really beyond its capacity at this point). The 055 isn't as light as the CF equivalents, but I've hauled it all over the place without problems, day-long hikes, that kind of thing.

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