Wow where should I begin? I guess I should start off with a brief background of myself...

20 years old from New Jersey. I was a Graphic Design (yikes) major at a State University here until I took Photo I as an "elective" In under a year I went from thinking photography was "easy" and "silly" to changing my major to a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography and becoming a Teacher's Assistant in the Photo Department.

I really can't get enough of this stuff and some other users on other forums have told me I have the "bug" and that it will never go away. Sometimes I wish I was born a long time ago so I wouldn't have such limitations in terms of films, papers, and chemistry, but I don't regret getting involved with what some foolishly call a "dying breed"

I mainly shoot 4x5, but I have used everything (that I have access to) from 135 (which I learned on) up through 8x10. Almost all of my work has been done in B&W, but I have recently started shooting sheets of Provia100. Damn you really have to nail those exposures :o

Anyway I finally decided to join when I saw the thread on ADOXMCC111. AGFA MCC became one of my favorite printing papers when a photographer that I print editions for let me have some of his last 11x14 and 16x20 sheets. I was able to find some more through professors who had some unopened boxes left, but never intended to print on it again. It was bittersweet because I believe the paper is wonderful, but I thought I would never see any of it again. Guess I was wrong!

I'm really looking forward to joining this community. I've always lurked the forums here for info. I think it's great that the forum is "associated" with Ilford, ADOX, and other solid companies. I know I am probably on the "young" side here, but hopefully I will be embraced.


Mike Z.