well I don't know what bogen / manfrotto are doing now, but their products are not what they were (comparing my well over 10 year old with my new one. The leg clamps are nice, but put a laser pointer on your camera and trigger it off ... mine moves the dot on the wall through 3mm or more with a lightweight Toho 4x5 (weighs less than 3Kg with lens). The seiko leaf shutter is not really much of a vibration inducer yet it shows in the red dot and in some images. I first picked this up while wondering why my images here in Finland were so soft, I was about to blame the ADOX film, when I checked the image carefully I found that there was an oval blur around the red LED on the stereo in the test shot. When I checked the digital reference I'd taken, none was found.

this tiny amount of vibration is enough to take the 'edge' off what should be a sharper image.

I wonder how many people blame their lenses when it's probably the tripod.