The danger of starting with a TLR is that you could be addicted for life. The same might happen if you get a good old folder. When I started in MF I bought a cheap example of each to see which I preferred. I ended up being hooked on both types of camera.

Jurgen Kreckel restores folders to near-new condition. His modest website is at He's in the USA, and sells cameras directly and via eBay. As far as I know his prices are in the USD 250 to 350 range. If you buy a folder, you might end up carrying it everywhere you go.

The 6x9 neg from a folder has over 50% of the area of a 4x5 cropped to the same height/width ratio - that's closer than the area of 35 mm compared to 6x4.5 cropped (about 37%). Of course I've chosen the 1:1.5 aspect ratio comparisons to make the figures support my message. Naughty.