I'm sorry if you thought my comment was unhelpful or insulting. It wasn't intended to be. It was a rhetorical question: just a reflection on the beautiful simplicity of the camera. Anyone who knows me would tell you that I would be willing to write you a manual if you asked, and I was able - see my answers to Scott's questions about the Bolex D8 if you want evidence. When I lend my Nikons or my R6 out to young photographers, I do just that - write an individual manual for the particular person using the camera after I have found out the sort of things they need to know.

That's a lovely outfit. If you show her one thing, which won't be in the manual, show her how to clean a lens without scratching it! (I'm sure that you've shown her that already, by the way - the number of classic lenses spoiled by 'cleaning marks' gets me down).

So my English isn't all that good and my intention is often misunderstood. Of course I may have misunderstood your post...

Best wishes,