Rodinal is universal and practical. Both are good things to be.

I haven't used it in years. Back in the 70's, I used it with 35mm Tri-X, mixed with sodium sulfite. It's been 20-odd years but I still remember the standard mixture: 2/3 coffee scoop (it didn't have to be precise) of sulfite per 8 ounces of water with 1:75 Rodinal for 11 1/2 minutes at 70 degrees. Using a condenser enlarger, the negatives printed beautifully on Kodabromide #3, Medalist #3 and Portriga Rapid #2 or #3 (sometimes).

The whole process was connected at each step and it was standardized for my methods. Rodinal fit well into this standardized process--it was consistent, it was reliable and it was available. I changed my standard process when it became less locally available. Now I use D76. It's also consistent, reliable and available as well as universal and practical.