Some great replies! Thanks everyone for the feedback!
I guess I'll just take all my gear out and shoot with different lense/filtercombinations and find something that works...
Mick, Nice to see another Historics supporter!
I was looking forward to making the Phillip Island Historics this year but unfortunatelly couldnt make it.
I was a member of HSRCA for a while, and have been to alot of events at Eastern Creek and Oran Park.
The upcoming Tasman Revival Eastern Creek looks like it'll be even bigger and better than the 2006 event so I'll definatelly be looking forward to that!
I used to work for a Historic Collector/Restorer/Racer here in Sydney.
He has a number of Lotus Elite's and Sevens, plus a few open wheelers and an interesting car designed by Frank Costin and Roger Nathan with a plywood tub and Hillman Imp powered. Was good for 147mph down Mullsanne in its day.
I was also involved in the chassis restoration of an ex-Frank Williams Brabham BT21 F3 car.
All fun stuff!
I've since changed jobs though and havent had much time to go and tinker...