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I'm not talking about the materials, but the market. It may be true that inkjet pigment prints are more stable or that Crystal Archive is just as good, but I'm not so sure that the art market widely perceives inkjet pigment or Crystal Archive prints as good investments at this point. That doesn't mean that inkjets and LightJets don't sell--when the work is really provocative they can sell for a lot--but I think it will be some time before the new media have the same level of acceptance as Ilfochrome.
If that were true, then the "art market" would not be buying any C-prints at all. Yet, many photographers make and sell C-prints through photo galleries - and the buyers look at them as "investments."

It does, however, make one wonder what photographers like Christopher Burkett are going to do in order to hype their photos with statements like:

"This is why I am the only one who will print any of my own photographs, both now and in the future."


"You can be assured that each exhibition print is meticulously handmade by me, one print at a time. Through many hours of patient work, the photograph becomes more refined, as I labor to bring the luminous quality of the image to life. These are not mechanical reproductions, but images in which I have invested my heart and soul."

My, how heart rendering....pardon me while I strap on my chest waders - it's getting a little too deep for me. I guess the poor little dear will have to invest in a scanner, LightJet printer, and learn Photoshop...(eyes tearing up...can't type any more...snifff...snifff)