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As to Ilfochromes being "collectible" just because they're Ilfochromes - I don't mean to puncture your illusion of rarity - but, it hasn't happened with dye transfer prints. It's the artist that matters, and NOT the printing media.
Uh huh....I am sure people would pay the same for an Elliot Porter in ilfochrome than they will do for a dye transfer of the same print......NOT!

Said it before, and I say it again, the process is an integral part of the image. It lends the image a particular feel, and a good phtographer chooses the process to enhance the image. Leaving aside the longevity issues, there is nothing that compares to a well done Ilfochrome. I recently had the chance to compare Ilfochromes to ink jet prints and there was no contest.

Saying that it is only the artist that matters and not the process is a red herring argument, the artist chooses the process as well for a specific reason. You cannot have one without the other. I know it galls ink jet printers when a photographer is proud of making each print and being personally involved on the process of each and every print and he/she says so, the same way they keep chanting the "process does not matter" mantra, I think many of us will keep chanting the "it is not the same as a machine made print" mantra. Time will tell which will become more valued. So far, a hand made Ferrari is still worth more than a Chevy.....