Vintage means a lot of things. If you were doing 50s and 60s sports cars and F1 cars, then B&W with short tele and moderate WA lenses would be what they used.

If you are doing 70s- to 90s then it is mostly Color and the equipment is probably not that much different than contemporary (ie long fast lenses, zooms, and extreme wide angel)

Here is a thread with some real vintage photos for ideas:


Also, every issue of "Forza" ( has a vintage 50s to early 70s photo on the last page. Almost all of the photos have equipment notes. I just picked 8 issues at random and copied the equipment notes:

Folmer Graflex, lens NA
Leica M3, 50mm Summicron
Zeiss Ikon, 50 2.8
Kodak Brownie, 25mm [sic] fixed lens
Canon, 135mm Tamron
Canon F1, 300mm
Nikon F, 50mm Nikor [sic]
Leca M3, 50mm Summicron