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Consider this:
KEH has used the same stock picture for 3 different cameras ranging in price from a $616 BGN to an $818 EX example and has also used another single picture for several cameras elsewhere. They do not describe individual cameras at all, except by grade, which fans say is very conservative but is also very vague - for example, "May have small dings, pecks and slight finish wear. Glass may have some dust, but no marks." Does it or doesn't it? If the seller doesn't know, is it because he can't recognise defects on cameras, or can he just not be bothered to look? I appreciate that KEH has its fans among APUGers, but the message from its website for me is "Here's a camera, it's cheap, so don't be fussy, just give me your money and f*** off."

KEH does such a high used equipment volume and high turnover rate that they simply can't manage individual photos of every used item. They'd have to hire a large number of photographers and web editors just to keep up. They have travelling reps that buy out used stock in bulk from camera stores all over the US. The last time I went in to the local pro shop looking at used gear, KEH had just come through and cleaned them completely out. They do way too much volume to operate as you would prefer. The added advantage for purchasers is that they grade conservatively and have excellent prices that would certainly have to rise significantly if they spent time doing web photos and individual descriptions for each item.

I was recently given a batch of Nikon lenses and a couple of bodies. I ordered an extension tube from KEH that arrived as described with the exception of a missing mounting flange screw. I emailed, asking for them to ship a replacement screw rather than go through the expense of return shipping. They got the replacement screw to me very quickly and refunded 150% of what I paid for the extension tube to my credit card without my asking for any compensation.

In practice they certainly don't have the attitude you ascribe to their web presence.