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In my expierence the way Keh grades.

Excellent would be called new by many shops or at the very least mint.
Bargain can range from a scratch on the camera base to a good user item. Bargain grade always works but if you're worried about looks the higher grades are nicer. OTOH I really have bought bargrain grade that needed a loupe to find the scratches.

IMHO Best part about KEH is they are REALLY honest. I bought a shade that didn't include the mounting bits. Pretty useless. Some shops would have shrugged. KEH gave me a quick refund with no questions asked. They've shipped the wrong hole size lensboard and just told me to keep it and then shipped the right one at their cost.

How much is shipping to Europe?

I hear what you say, but this is a business model of which examples can be found in many industries in which the customers are the quality control department. I have experienced enough of these where the response to complaints is two words, the second being "off" (Amstrad, Ericsson and Leica UK come immediately to mind!). In the case of KEH, any metaphorical rough edges are smoothed away by an apparently super-generous returns policy, which for all I know may well apply to foreign sales too - as a very rough guide, sending a 35 camera and lens from the US to me in England will cost $50 express with insurance - plus I will have to pay around $25 import duty (tax-deductible) and 17.5% sales tax (VAT - reclaimable in my case). Even assuming KEH would pay 2-way freight in the case of a justified return, I find it frustrating and time-consuming to unpack, check and return goods.