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Heather, don't get me wrong, I think the older Leicas are wonderful. I played a bit with an M5 and I think it's fine, I just never enjoyed loading these things. Great fun to shoot though.

But... my broader question is, how does anybody expect the company to stay afloat when everybody is using decades-old used cameras! Why not get a new one or get a ZI or bessa if the new Leicas are out of your range.

We need to encourage purchases of new cameras rather than rehashing all the various issues of decades-old ones... that's my thesis No PM flames, please, I have the well-being of the current film camera industry at heart!
I totally agee with you. But, when you live with 500 EUROS of monthly income like I do, then new stuff, especially Leica priced are really hard to afford. Saying that, I bought more new than secondhand equipment

I bought new Canon EOS500n, EOS3, Bessa R2A, including lenses, I bought secondhand Yashica MAT, Mamiya RB, including lenses, enlargers and lenses for them, all other laboratory stuff I bought new. I got as gift Olympus OM1. With my monthly income I think I contribute as much as I can.