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Mark, David was not told to f&^k-off, that was how he internalized his perception of KEH's website. If a person wishes to twist things around to suit their own rational for not dealing with someone that is their business.

I have dealt with KEH for a number of years and have nothing but praise for them. If I am interested in an item I call and we go over the condition of several examples of the product and I make my decision based on that.

I've always bought bargain and have always been extremely happy with the merchandise. I've basically given up on eBay as I can usually get it for the same price + or - from KEH.

I can only speak for myself, but my experience with KEH has been stellar.
I know what he was saying, I guess I did not communicate it well. Damned internet. He was saying that customer service at some places makes you feel that way.