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... I felt it could be much smoother, so I called KEH, explained my concerns. After weighing the options, I exposed one test roll of film and sent out the camera for a CLA....
If you don't mind my asking, what was KEH's response? "Send it back!"? Presumably the "EX" grading means "Obvious signs of wear", so strictly speaking KEH are covered. It would be interesting to hear if, for example, they are willing to sacrifice their profit in exchange for goodwill by making a contribution to the CLA - purely in financial terms, they would probably rather have the camera back and hope to sell it to someone less critical! In Britain, we have the "Sale of Goods Act"
which makes it illegal for commercial companies (not private individuals) to sell goods "not of the quality asked for". On the other hand, of course, if the extra $200 of work turns the Leica into a superb camera. it might be a good investment! A tough call, to be sure!