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OTOH alot of the time I'm only looking at the bargain stuff. The rule I learned long ago was stuff that looks too nice was never used. You need to ask why wasn't it used? Often it's because it's lived it's life in the repair shop.
This may be on occasion, but an awful lot of Leicas are bought by amateurs who cherish them and use them very lightly. In the course of time, the cameras "retire" along with their owners - the owners can't get about to take pictures, so the camera goes in a display case, or lies in a drawer, eventually forming part of the owner's estate after his/her demise.

I had acute difficulty in stopping myself buying Leica R3s, I kept finding them in mint condition with lens for 150 - of course, they had been lying around and had gummed up, so needed a CLA. In the case of "jmcd" and the Leica, I would be surprised if the camera had been used hard enough to wear the wind mechanism out (if it had, the rest of the camera would surely look really beaten up), quite possibly a previous owner had hands like a gorilla and forced the wind lever hard against its stop, bending some gear teeth.