Anolox rollers are very expensive, you would use the anolox to transfer the emulsion to a rubber roller which would coat the material. I think you would have to forget about the doctor blade and go with a rubber nip roller. I am thinking about a machine similar to the ones used in newspapers to coat wax onto the back of paper film used in hot wax paste up. I have used a #60 anolox roller for flood coating paper and they lay down a very heavy coating. For UV coating labels (dog food, soup etc.) I would usually go with a #100, #120,or #200. You can even get a really good lay down with a #400, the higher the number the smaller the amount of liquid transfered. Using a doctor blade would definitely add metals to the process as metal doctor blades will be worn down by ceramic anolox rollers. I have seen teflon blades used but those are more of a system and are very expensive.