Thanks for all the input guys, it's been alot of help.

I went out today around town looking for anywhere that would sell an old TLR. The one place that I stumbled across that actually had any was an antiques store (you know the kind, with the seedy looking guy behind the counter, reading a paper and grunting his welcome as you walk in the store). The only one he had was a 'Photina'. I had never heard of it before, and the guy behind the counter looked like he would know less about it than me.

So I paid a visit to an old family friend who works in a photolab (he used to be a pro photographer a few years back) and we talked for a few minutes about it. He then put me onto an old friend of his who has a little hidden shop, with stacks of old, great contition equipment in it.

So after saying goodbuy, I headed in the direction of the shop. It was very hidden, and I wouldn't have been able to find it without the help. So in I go, and inside was the nicest guy I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. We talked for a few minutes again, and eventually he went into a cabinet and pulled out a fantastic looking Yashica 635. After going over it and asking the price ($200 NZD) I was sold. On top of that, he threw in a light meter and a formed leather case for it too! Nothing beats dealing with guys who love what they do.

So I've got a couple of cheap B&W rolls of film I'm eagerly looking to throw through it this weekend and even more eagerly looking forward to the results!

Thanks once again everyone. If I can get my scanner to do a semi-decent job of scanning the film/prints I'll be sure to post them up.