Hmmm...I'll leave the culturally ridiculous statement aside and say this. You don't like to be dealt with is a crappy manner. No one does. You have been treated poorly by some non-US companies "Amstrad, Ericsson and Leica UK come immediately to mind!" If it were me I would not do business with these people. I do not do business with Adorama.

We make a choice about who we deal with and we all, no matter what country we may be from, have our own standards. That being said, maybe you should never order from KEH because they do not meet your standards. Ragging about a company you have never dealt with makes about as much sense, to me, as dealing with a company that treats you poorly. I buy from KEH, when it suits my needs, because it is not adventurous. I know what I get will be as good as or most likely better than described. If I get a dud I will send it back. That is what warranties are for.

My father has a saying. "Dig deep enough and long enough and you are going to find out everyone is a biggot, or a bastard."