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As you might guess - the answer is "NO!" My expectations are: Private seller -> Caveat emptor, Corporate seller -> Goods which are checked, all working, fully and accurately described and guaranteed. I appreciate that KEH appeals to some people, not to me. I have permanently black-listed suppliers in the UK who have behaved like KEH.
And how have KEH behaved?
Other than not providing you with a photo on their website what is that they do that would warrant black listing? By your own admission you don't know how they do business -- You assume. You and a couple others say they don't test their equipment and leave it to the user to test it. I find this hard to believe. Have you asked them if they tested the equipment? I've gotten descriptions of the actual item and had it compared to others prior to purchase. Another has claimed to have received photos and all claim that they stand behind there product. KEH is a mail order house after all. In days gone by these folks would send out a thick pulp catalogue using 6pt type and blocked up line art. None would compare them to a high street merchant if only because the high street merchant has a store front and prices to match. I understand not wanting to have something shipped over seas only to have to ship it back if something goes wrong, but black listing based upon ignorance is a bit much.