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And how have KEH behaved? ... black listing based upon ignorance is a bit much.
While not wishing to drag this subject out for very much longer ... I am sure that you, like me, pay attention to the experiences and opinions of fellow enthusiasts. Furthermore, my first-hand experience of the KEH website was very negative - cameras are offered with the same ill-defined grading for prices varying by $150 or more between $600 and $800, no pictures or detailed description, and all backed by a guarantee which may take 2 months to deliver. We are going to have to leave this subject soon, but I would simply ask you to accept that I have expectations based on European consumer-protection legislation, which is apparently far stricter than that in the US, and on my conviction that commercial businesses need to offer clear added value if they are to justify their existence.

If people are happy with KEH, then I am confident they will ignore me completely, but for me their concept is "We will buy equipment in from other dealers, do nothing to it, charge you upfront for any repair work [in the form of a profit margin] but not actually carry out any work unless you the customer find out for yourself that it is necessary, in which case we will 'generously' carry it out in a timeframe of a couple of months". Sorry, just can't see the benefit over e-bay. And, with that, goodnight!