Sorry for the caps, but I wanted to gauge interest earlier than last year when we had our first northern MN gathering. That said, we had a lot of interest last year but only a few takers who committed. I hope that with better planning and scheduling, we can get a lot better turn out.

I know many folks will be going to Bill's Northern Michigan gathering this summer, I am unable to attend unfortunately.... If we know what dates to work and plan around for, I am hopeful we can get good turn outs without impacting the other gatherings going on.

So this year for MN, I took into account folks wanting to go a little later in September. I was thinking about Thursday September 11th through Monday 15th. We will have a full moon on Monday 15th also so we could have potential for good night shots. Last year we went on September 7th, so we are only a week further out. Let's see if this works for everyone.

It's open to anyone, so let's start getting the dates confirmed, and scheduled, and figure out who's coming. I'm volunteering to organize this year again.

I figure on camping again in my trailer, and am not sure if others are camping, or hotelling it. Personally, the trailer was a blast last time, and I think that camping at Temperance River State park is the right answer. It's well kept, has power and water hookups, and is right in the middle of everything.