Hello to you all,
I just joined this group after I lurked around for quite a while.
What happens is that I came back to my old love for photography after a 10 year break imposed by circumstances of me moving from Romania to Canada.
Back there and then (80s and early 90s) black and white was the affordable medium so I started slowly stealing knowledge by watching and helping professionals. No internet, no Ansel Adams books, just down to earth plain test and go. It was fun; luckily materials were not that expensive as I was wasting a lot of film and paper. I did weddings, family portraits, nature in 35mm and 6x6 (remember Seagull?). Once arrived and settled in Canada things started to come together: my life, my job, new friends and my old hobby. I discovered APUG, PN and many photog sites that offered access to a tremendous amount of information. I'm very grateful. I managed to ship to Canada most of my BW darkroom equipment so Im getting comfortable with BW once again. I mix the developers myself and develop my films (bulk 35mm and 120 rolls). When comes to the artsy aspect of my work Im not there yet, I still rely on you to learn and fine tune my skills. I love what I see here, who knows one day when I grow up.