Hello Nathan,
A very popular and now cult lens system for race photographers was the Novoflex lenses. VERY fast focusing by squeezing a pistol grip. Adaptable to virtually any camera system from Exakta to Nikon and everywhere in between. I've used the 280 f5.6, 400 f5.6 and the 600 f8 with great results. They can be used with a shoulder stock or Mono/tripod or just a chain hanging down to stand on. The lenses are optimised for sharpness in the center. Very period retro look to the images. I'd probably use Tri-x to complete the look and a shutter speed equal to or faster than the focal length except for a panning shot.
IF I were trying for a more vintage look, I'd probably use an old Speed Graphic type camera with a back shutter set to a tension between 3 and 6 and a curtain slit of 1/8" or at most 3/8". This will give the forward lean illusion of speed. For long shots, I'd also probably use a 400mm f5.5 (short back focus) telephoto lens with this camera. For film with this camera, I'd most likely use one of the Eastern European films in 125 ASA. for a period look.
Hope this helps,
Sam H.