Over 20 years ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Spa F1 race meeting in Belgium by some people who had spare tickets. We drove down overnight from the UK and arrived at daybreak. At 5am in the morning on the first practice day there was no one about so we drove onto the circuit and did a couple of laps, stopping on pole position of the grid to take some photos and the next time round we pulled into the pits, put the bonnet up, and took a few more pics of our vauxhall estate before going to find the local campsite. After putting our tents up we walked back to the circuit in time for the first practice session. We were directly opposite to the back of the pits before practice and saw a couple of people run across the track into the pits. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, we all did the same and spent the whole of the first practice session in the back of the pits watching drivers come in and out and the mechanics working on the cars. I took of lots of photographs of drivers, cars and mechanics. I was only challenged twice for my pass and luckily the steward spoke no English and I pleaded ignorance and got away with it. I've never been to an F1 race since but can recommend getting a pit pass if you can. Or just learn how to vault a barrier or two