Alexz...While it is nice if one can approach the actual object, it is not necessary. If for instance you are photographing a scene in which the scene is lit by the same sun as the sun shining on an object that is 20 feet in front of the camera then it makes no sense that the sun would have varied in intensity in 50 feet or 1500 feet (unless a cloud were to obscure the sun). Even that would normally be a matter of limited consideration. Now the next question is what are your shadow conditions and hence the contrast within the scene. If one looks at the scene being photographed and sees open shade then the open shade will probably have very nearly the same exposure considerations whether it is one mile distant or 100 feet distant. What I am saying is that the same incident considerations will exist nearer then the actual object being photographed. Sometimes I even meter using my own shadow. While this may not be an absolute duplication, it is near enough for the work that I do.