I primarily shoot Kodak Tri-X and recently made the switch from Ilford DD-X to Thornton's 2-Bath developer for all the reasons you describe.

The 2-bath is giving me the best negatives I've made, with great shadow and highlight detail. Because of the nature of a 2-bath developer it is very difficult or impossible to blow the highlights. First you place the film in bath A to absorb the developer, and then into bath B that triggers the actual development. The developer is first exhausted in the highlights and then the shadows. The results are really remarkable and the process is nearly fool proof. You don't agitate bath B and the process works reliably over a wide range of temperatures. I'm rating Tri-X at 400asa.

I may move to Divided D76 to gain an extra 1/2-1 stop speed, but frankly the Thornton formula is delivering excellent results already.

I still use DD-X for push processing and Delta3200, but am looking for a high speed 2-bath developer.

The Barry Thornton 2-Bath

Bath A
Metol 6.25g
Sodium Sulphite 85g
1 liter water

Bath B
Sodium Metaborate 12g
1 liter water

Try about 4 minutes in each bath.
Invert bath A gently once every minute.

Give bath B a gentle tap to dislodge air bubbles.
Less agitation is more, with bath B