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A very little confidence IMHO. Half their website doesn't work and they can't even be bothered to put up dummy pages such as under construction etc. Looks to me like someone working out of their garage. BTW do you have some connection with these people?
I have no financial interest in any part of the photographic trade and do not know these people at all. All I can say is that a description such as the following:
Camera has been fully checked and tested, therefore is sold fully working. Shutter speeds are working correctly. Shutter blinds are in excellent shape. Rangefinder shows very good contrast. Viewfinder is clear. Lens optics are clear.
Overall, camera is nice clean condition, [/I]
which as I explained is legally binding in the UK, and accompanied by four clear photographs, would be more than good enough for me to part with my money if I were looking for another Leica.

Yes, the website is under construction, yes, it's obviously a small company. no, this does not bother me at all. No, there are no "delivery details" either - at a wild guess, I imagine the company would use the Royal Mail (British post office) or mayve another courier, after first encasing the camera in bubble wrap and a box - quite possibly, they would use Scotch tape to secure the packaging. Just how many "delivery details" do you need? However, for the doubters among you, the choice is clear - stick with KEH!