Hi guys,

Weekend of 25th/26th sounds good or first weekend in May (except that's a bank holiday and the b&b's might be booked out). I'm shooting my first wedding May 10th (eeeek) so that's out. Fluffy and I had a good day out in Fota gardens a while back (that's cheap and cheerful as you only have to pay for parking) and a so-so day in the Wildlife part (not many animals out but maybe there will be more in April/May, bit expensive but if the animals are performing it's fun). I also know some nice woods in Killeagh where you can pretend to be (and in my case fail at) being Ansel Adams. And then we can also hit the coast again (I can always do some more exploring for photogenic spots between now and then). Midleton could be a good spot for the Friday night as I know the pubs (with good Guinness) and restaurants, and there are plenty of B&Bs and a hotel. Depending on numbers you could also base it in Aghada/Rostellan/Whitegate area where the Guinness is really good, food is great...but limited in B&Bs.