Neopan is my standard film in 120, so I'm pretty interested in peoples thoughts. I'm quite amazed at the different opinions, and I guess there are many different combinations of developer/agitation exposure that no two people will get the same result.
My own thoughts echo the ones of Mick Fagen, Neopan being almost the complete film. For me shadow detail better than most other films it seems to hold highlights that other films fail to.
I have had good results with it in Rodinal Microphen ID11 and Studional.
Grain in Rodinal is surprisingly fine, I think this film is a non T grain but its grain even in 35 mm is much finer than HP5 or Tri-x
Speed for me is 320-400 depending on developer.
I have 40 or so rolls and its one film I'd hate to be without.

Thea and cake: Rollei 35 Neopan 400 in Rodinal