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Does that mean the tray isn't dimpled or that it is dimpled but the emulsion doesn't touch the dimples?
It means both, really: neither is the bottom dimpled, nor does the emulsion touch it (film is in tray emulsion upward)

I am at the moment not in a hurry to develop the rest of my negs, as the spoiling of the one I scanned in quite frustrated me. I have, however, touched with a wet, gloved hand a clear neg, and the marks of the gloved fingers left recognizably traces with the same pattern. I do think. simply because I have been using this method for a long time without such problems and this was the only change I introduced, that the distilled water made the patches appear. I am currently thinking of leaving the gloves away and just let slip the film into the developer without touching the fluid, and wear gloves only when I take out the film. This should work well if I don't miss the tray in the dark, what I normally don't do.
Thank you all for the answers, anyway.