FP-100B & FP-100C has been around for quite a while. I used it about 3 years ago (had some imported in from Europe) and it's great. Polaroid ProVivid (689 I think) is actually made for them by Fuji. It is the FP-100C.

It's not unusual for Fuji to release it's own product (that it made for another company) a few years after the other company releases it under their own nametag.

For example: Fuji TX-1=Hasselblad XPan, Fuji GX645AF = Hasselblad H1, Fuji FP100-C=Polaroid 689 (or 679).

The colors for FP-100C are amazingly "correct" for instant film. It's been a pain to try and get some in the US for years, and they finally are releasing it in the US for sale. B&H Photo has had FP-100C for years. (look under film, instant) and you'll see it there. Must have been imported there.